GFWC Illinois

Femmes Unir Woman's Club

 of Bartonville

General Federation of Women’s Clubs Illinois


 Mohammed Shrine Temple

201 S Industry Drive (off Pfeiffer Road) Bartonville IL

First Wednesday of the month at 7 P.M.

2015/2016 scheduled meetings 10/7, 11/4, 12/2,1/6/2016, 2/3/16, 3/9/2016, 4/6/2016. May dinner

Club Officers  

Lori Braden – President

Joann Pickel – Vice President

Carleen Leach – Treasurer

Denise Stranz – Recording Secretaryl

Debbie Blecher – Corresponding Secretary

For Information about Membership

Regina Swanson

9 Holiday Ave

Bartonville IL 61607


General Federation of Women’s Clubs Clubs

General Federation of Women’s Clubs Illinois

Flags – Flags are flying over the main thoroughfares of Bartonville

Legislation Day, March 11, 2009 in Springfield, IL, local members with GFWC State President Debbie Strahanoski

Club Officers:  Rose Hordesky, Treasurer; Jean Pruvost, Vice President; Carleen Leach, President; Joann Pickel, Recording Secretary; Betty Gibson, Corresponding Secretary

New Member Brunch on April 25, 2009


Village of Bartonville, IL

Club History

Founded in 1962.

Dedicated to improving the Limestone Township community.

Club Committees:




Home Life

Public Issues

International Outreach



Annual Club Projects

Salad Luncheon

Each year since its founding the club has sponsored a Salad Luncheon and program. It has grown from a small luncheon in a member’s basement to a luncheon that serves over 300 and raises more than $6000 for our community.

Donations are made annually to the local public library, public pool, volunteer fire departments, food pantries, a scholarship and other social services agencies.

The club also has other ongoing projects.

All women in the Limestone township area,

18 years and older are invited to join.